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Why You Need a Dedicated Philadelphia Brain Injury Lawyer Now

Jan. 12, 2019

Attorney Marc E. Batt, one of Philadelphia’s most trusted and respected brain injury lawyers, understands the delicate nature of a brain injury. He and his team of legal specialists are here to assist you through the challenges that follow a brain injury. You can count on Marc E. Batt & Associates for the comprehensive, caring, and dedicated legal representation you need.

Understanding Brain Injuries & Your Philadelphia Brain Injury Lawyer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as “a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating head injury. Everyone is at risk for a TBI, especially children, and older adults.” The CDC further states that brain injuries are a major cause of disability as well as death here in the United States. Some of the leading causes of brain injuries include falls, being hit by objects, and automobile accidents.

With the brain weighing approximately three pounds and serving as the body’s center for all functions of the body, it is imperative that it functions properly at all times. When this function is disrupted due to injury, a wealth of impairments can take place, causing a lifetime of ailments and hindrances such as delayed motor skills, severe headaches, speech impediments, and delays in bodily functions.

Attorney Marc E. Batt and the legal specialists at Marc E. Batt & Associates will work through the intricacies and complexities of your brain injury case, ensuring the best possible outcome to your claims.

Your Philadelphia Brain Injury Lawyer Group Ready to Help Now

Attorney Batt and the legal professionals at the law firm of Marc E. Batt & Associates understand that every brain injury case is unique. Therefore, you will receive customized and compassionate legal assistance to help you obtain the justice and compensation you deserve. Your initial consultation is free, so contact them now.