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Spinal Cord Injuries Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are You Searching for a Competent and Skilled Spinal Cord & Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer in Philadelphia?

If you’ve endured a catastrophic or spinal cord injury here in Philadelphia and you feel that someone else is to blame, you may be entitled to compensation. For sound and competent legal advice and representation, look no further than the law firm of Philadelphia’s most brilliant and competent spinal cord and catastrophic injuries lawyer team, Marc E. Batt & Associates.

Catastrophic and Spinal Cord Injuries & You

Data released from the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) states that “A catastrophic event is defined in CPL 02-00-094 (2.94) as an occupationally related incident involving multiple fatalities, extensive injuries, massive toxic exposures, extensive property damage, or one which presents potential worker injury…”

The Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center offers the following data. “ Given the current population size of 314 million people in the U.S., the recent estimate showed that the annual incidence of spinal cord injury (SCI) is approximately 54 cases per million population in the U.S. or approximately 17,000 new SCI cases each year.”

The World Health Organization further adds, “Every year, around the world, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI). The WHO further states, “The majority of spinal cord injuries are due to preventable causes such as road traffic crashes, falls or violence.” The WHO additionally states, “Symptoms of spinal cord injury depend on the severity of the injury and its location on the spinal cord. Symptoms may include partial or complete loss of sensory function or motor control of arms, legs or body. The most severe spinal cord injury affects the systems that regulate bowel or bladder control, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Most people with spinal cord injury experience chronic pain.”

Catastrophic Injuries Need Experienced Help

Your Philadelphia Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney Team Ready to Assist

Attorney Marc E. Batt of Philadelphia’s Marc E. Batt & Associates has over four decades of legal experience in personal injury law, including spinal and catastrophic injuries. Furthermore, Marc E. Batt of Philadelphia’s Marc E. Batt & Associates also has extensive knowledge and expertise in Pennsylvania spinal cord and catastrophic injury law as it pertains to you.

Known throughout Philadelphia for a rich and layered skill set in injury law, Attorney Batt uses tenacity, honesty, integrity, and professionalism to navigate through the intricacies of your spinal cord injury case and claims. Attorney Batt also has the ingenuity to investigate every aspect of your case and present his findings concerning all matters of liability and damages that may arise in your case.

Contact Philadelphia’s Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

The legal specialists of Marc E. Batt & Associates collectively, have over 100 years of legal expertise as well as a proven track record of success. Attorney Batt and his esteemed associates have helped hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in damages and compensation.

Attorney Batt and his team of astounding legal professionals will become dedicated to the recovery of full and fair compensation victims of catastrophic injuries.

Why Choose Philadelphia’s Marc E. Batt & Associates for Your Spinal Cord & Catastrophic Injuries Case?

Chances are, your spinal cord injury has left you with limited mobility, pain, mounting medical bills, a seemingly endless stream of prescribed medications, and more impediments. What will happen next? How will you rebuild your life? Let Attorney Batt help to bring resolution to your accident; he’s built his entire law practice around such!

Let the legal team at Philadelphia’s Marc E. Batt & Associates help you regain as much of your well-being and happiness you can, in the face of your spinal cord and catastrophic injuries.

You deserve the best and most brilliant legal team for your spinal cord or catastrophic injury case; you deserve Marc E. Batt & Associates, so contact them today.