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Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s important to know that you’re protected in the event of a workplace injury. If you’ve suffered an injury at work, you need a lawyer to help you recover compensation and avoid going into medical debt. Marc E. Batt & Associates of Philadelphia, PA is here for you.

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Workplace Injuries Can Harm
More Than Your Career

Trust Marc E. Batt & Associates with Any Injury Case

Attorney Batt and the legal team at Marc E. Batt & Associates help clients fight for the compensation they deserve. We’ve taken on all types of workers’ compensation cases in Philadelphia, PA, including:

• Wrongful deaths

• Losses of vision and hearing

• Death claims

• Occupational diseases

• Heart attacks on the job

We’ll help you receive a lump sum settlement, medical benefits, survivor benefits, and loss compensation. Make a consultation at our law office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania today.