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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Have you been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you have reason to believe that your carpal tunnel syndrome resulted from your job? Contact Marc. E. Batt & Associates today! Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or better known as CTS is numbness in the hand and arm which is caused by a pinched nerve located in your wrist. This syndrome is caused by pressure that is placed on a specific nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel section of your wrist. As a result, the pressure causes:

  • Numbness

  • Pain

  • Tingling

Dealing With Permanent Injuries
Caused By Your Job?

Individuals that have jobs that require repetitive movements such as assembly line workers, bakers, hairstylists, and cashiers are prone to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Depending on your particular circumstance and case, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for carpal tunnel syndrome. Our personal injury attorney will make sure you obtain the full financial settlement to which you’re legally entitled.